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Most property management companies currently operate like any good magician would, with plenty of smoke and mirrors. Everyone competes to have the lowest visible flat rate and to compensate for that they mark up vendor transactions and hide their fees in other miscellaneous expenses. 

Say your current management company tells you they charge $30 per month per unit, sounds great right? The problem is they control all the financials and give owners little to no visibility into where their money is going. If they have the roof repaired for $1000, they charge the HOA $2000, and pocket the markup. We're not kidding, yes this is how it works, and yes it's probably happening to you.

Vessel PM charges one flat rate fee and gives every owner complete transparency into where every single dollar is spent. The result is a lower HOA fee over time, less need for special assessments, and an increase in HOA reserves because your management company isn't eating into the surplus. 

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